Hillsdale Drive Project: July Update

Hillsdale Extended Construction Update #10 – July 2017

Crews have been added and many concurrent activities are taking place to meet the completion date of October 30, 2017 for Hillsdale Drive Extension. Construction on the roundabout between Zan Road and Line Drive has been completed and focus has been moved to reconstructing a section of Zan Road south of Seminole Square (scheduled to be reopened to traffic in mid-July). The intersection of Seminole Square/Hillsdale Drive has been milled so grading/curbing/paving may take place in preparation of adding a directional median on Seminole Square (west of Hillsdale). Signal work has begun at both new intersections – Seminole Court/Hillsdale Drive and Greenbrier Drive/Hillsdale Drive (for if/when a signal is warranted). Preparation to pour the new deck of the bridge has begun (poring mid-July). The new roadway segment north of Pepsi Place to the new bridge has now been paved with the base layer of asphalt. Paving operations will soon begin on Hillsdale Drive (north of Greenbrier) and at the intersection of Greenbrier Drive/Pepsi Place so work on the roadway segment in between can begin. In ground utility work continues with installation of new storm water piping/structures on Pepsi Place as well as nearby. Additional segments of sidewalk and shared use path are being installed, as well as new pedestrian lighting, throughout the corridor. Please see below for current and future work activities.

Project Work Activities

Work in Process

  • Continuing work on Zan Road between Seminole Court and Roundabout
  • Completing fill placement and grading by existing storm water basin (north of Greenbrier Drive) to prep for new roadway segment construction
  • Finishing retaining wall for sidewalk along Post Office and within Post Office parking lot
  • Beginning work to place rebar and pour the deck for the bridge
  • Placing fill behind bridge abutments
  • Milling/grading Seminole Square/Hillsdale Drive/Zan Road intersection
  • Installing storm sewer structures and piping – on Hillsdale Drive (north of Greenbrier Drive), Greenbrier Drive, Pepsi Place
  • Grading for shared use path along Zan Road and south of Pepsi Place
  • Grading for sidewalk along Zan Road, Greenbrier Drive and Hillsdale Drive
  • Installing pedestrian lighting conduit and foundations at various locations

Upcoming Work (now-July 2017)

  • Completing and reopening Zan Road between Seminole Court and Roundabout
  • Building new roadway/sidewalks/shared use path between existing Hillsdale Drive and Greenbrier Drive so construction can begin on new stormwater basin
  • Continuing work on the bridge deck
  • Pave roadway and shared use path between cleaved Seminole Square Shopping Center building and Seminole Court/Hillsdale Drive intersection
  • Reconstruct Seminole Square/Hillsdale Drive/Zan Road intersection and add directional median on Seminole Square (west of Zan Road/Hillsdale Drive)
  • Install mast arms for Seminole Court/Hillsdale Drive signals and foundations for possible future signal at Greenbrier Drive/Hillsdale Drive
  • Installing shared use path and sidewalk construction between existing Hillsdale Drive and India Road (next to Homewood Suites), along India Drive and Zan Road
  • Extending median between Whole Foods and Gold’s Gym
  • Continuing storm water installation through project – on Zan Road, Seminole Court, Pepsi Place, Greenbrier Drive & existing Hillsdale Drive
  • On-going installation of pedestrian lighting conduit, foundations and poles throughout corridor

Existing Storm Water Basin (north of Greenbrier Drive)

  • Undercut, fill and grading operations have been completed for the new roadway north of Greenbrier Drive. Work will be performed to place asphalt where this new road will connect to the existing network (starting July 5th) under flagging operations on Hillsdale Drive and Greenbrier Drive/Pepsi Place intersection. Then, in the middle of these two connections, stone, curb, sidewalk, shared use path and pavement will be placed to construct the new roadway. It is scheduled for this new segment to open at the end of July 2017 so construction of the new basin may begin in August 2017.

Greenbrier/Pepsi Place/Hillsdale Drive Intersection

  • Installation of conduit has been completed and work will begin on the concrete foundations in preparation of determination by the state that a signal is warranted. Construction of new intersection at Hillsdale Drive/Greenbrier Drive, with stop signs on Greenbrier Drive, is currently scheduled for Summer 2017. A new permanent speed limit of 25 mph was established on Hillsdale Drive between Greenbrier Drive and Branchlands Boulevard.

Traffic Impacts

Zan Road is closed from Seminole Court to 500 ft south of the intersection. Access to twenty businesses from Route 29 traveling south will remain through the new Hillsdale Drive segment from Hydraulic Road. Detour signs listing the businesses has been erected on Route 29 and Hydraulic Road which direct motorists to turn left onto Hydraulic Road and left onto Hillsdale Drive. Access from Route 29 traveling north remains the same. Reconstruction of Zan Road will be complete approx. mid-July 2017.
Obey traffic controls and expect minor delays with flagging operations on Hillsdale Drive, Hydraulic Road, India Road, Zan Road, Greenbrier Drive, Pepsi Place and Seminole Court.

Project Overview

The project will be constructing the following improvements:

  • Two-lane road with dedicated turn lanes to connect Hydraulic Road with the current southern terminus of Hillsdale Drive at Greenbrier Drive;
  • Shared-use path on the east side of the road and a sidewalk on the west side, south of Greenbrier Drive;
  • Bike lanes north of Greenbrier Drive and sharrows south of Greenbrier Drive;
  • Signal at Seminole Court/Hillsdale Drive intersection;
  • Roundabout at existing Line Drive/Zan Road intersection;
  • Reconstruction and relocation of existing stormwater basin at Greenbrier Drive with native plantings (to be completed in Spring 2017);
  • Bridge between Pepsi Bottling Plant, Post Office and Seminole Shopping Center;
  • Landscaping with 86 Shade trees; &
  • Pedestrian Lighting.


For more information about the Hillsdale Drive Extended project check the project web site.